The Roure's Castel

A castle-Museum built in the fifteenth century. Built to defend the ancient road which crosses the natural "Pont d'Arc".
It is a focal point of local history:
The wars of religion and the camisards revolution.
Silk worm breeding. An insight into old country life.
A tour through the cool rooms
- an exceptional spiral staircase, french ceilings, a massive fira place-Antique country furniture, manuscripts and collections...
- Recollections of suppressions of the protestants in the Languedoc.
-The original walls of defence, rempart of unique architecture with panoramic views of the Cevennes, from mount Lozère to mount Gerbier des Joncs, and of the lower -vivarais.
- The complete life cycle of skilworm breeding, from live eggs to moths.
- The re-creation of the work of silkworm breeding and mulberry tree plantations.

Château des Roure
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